Permanent Exhibition

The German Sport & Olympia Museum presents a wide range of insights into the fascinating world of sport from antiquity to the present day over an area of more than 2,000 m². An exciting and interactive journey through 2,500 years of sports history - with unique exhibits and inspiring themed rooms as well as numerous activity stations.

For example, you can marvel at Muhammad Ali's hand-signed boxing gloves, a Formula 1 racing car driven by Michael Schumacher, the tracksuit and a top of the 1972 Olympic champion Ulrike Meyfarth, who was only 16 at the time, a tennis racket smashed in anger by Boris Becker, a perfectly preserved one by Steffi Graf, a prosthesis by multiple Paralympics winner and world record holder Markus Rehm, the oversized basketball shoes of Dirk Nowitzki - and much, much more. For example, a wonderful model of the ancient Olympia, a replica of an English betting office, a boxing ring or Lukas Podolski's football boots.

Thus, great moments of sport are staged, impressive victories and painful defeats, historical events such as the Olympic Games of 1936 and 1972 in Berlin and in Munich or unforgettable Olympic and world champions. The values of sport, such as fairness and mutual respect, as well as its ability to bring people together across borders, are also highlighted. And by no means are the risks and side effects left out, for example doping.

So, we would like to extend a very warm invitation to  anyone who wants an exciting, stimulating insight in into the history and current issues and topics of one of the most important cultural phenomenon of our time.